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Easter 2020
from 10th to 13th April

Pilates, Mindfulness and SUP Retreat in Portugal

Summer 2020 - from August 22nd to 26th

Pilates and Mindfulness Retreat in Nature

Easter 2021 - from April 2nd to 5th

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Who we are

Getting away from everyday life to find peace and tranquillity is today a necessity in our fast-paced world. So, if you want to relax both your mind and your body on a holiday, then we are here to help you.

We are Gladys and Inês, Pilates teachers, movement lovers and dreamers.
Retiros de Pilates is a dream come true, it fulfills the desire to unite two passions: one for the Pilates Method and the other for life in contact with nature.

About Us

Gladys Cuéllar Gisbert

Pilates teacher Studio with machines and Mat. Certified by CYQ (United Kingdom) and also by Polestar® Pilates (school endorsed by the PMA).

Inês Soveral Dias

Pilates teacher Studio with machines and Mat. Certified by Polestar® Pilates (school endorsed by the PMA).

¿How are our retreats like?

Spring 2019 Retreat in l'Hort de la Riera

Our first retreat has been wonderful, it left us with an full heart and lot of energy to keep going. Than you so much Marta, Magda, Helena, Gemma, Lola, Susan y Osvaldo, for making it so beautiful!


  • The Pilates classes were really good, they had a nice progression throughout the retreat sessions and with personalised corrections.

  • I really liked the combination of Pilates and Meditation. The length of the classes was really good, it allowed to deepen your practice and that’s what I was looking for in the retreat.

  • I loved the classes during the retreat. I really liked that you’ve created a progression throughout the sessions, plus I aprecciate a lot the fact that one teacher is leading the class while the other is giving support.

  • I think that Inês and Gladys have adapted very well the clases to the level of the participants.

  • Unforgetable experience, tranquility and excellent vibes.

  • I think the Retreat has helped me clear the mind from many accomulated worries.

  • I take with me an incredible and very positive experience. I take with me a lot of movement, a lot of body awareness, sharing with new people, and I as well take a new way of eating! Thanks so much Gladys and Inês for everything! I will recommend you for sure, and maybe for sure we will share again.

  • An incredible experience: the classes, the place and the group of people!

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